After the Storm Breaks

This is for you, Fyre…

The sky is painted
with colors from
the palettes
of angels

I am
in liquid fire

I am a child again

Azuki Lynn

the poet


he helps me remember
the color of grass

his mind, a diamond
his heart, glass

he shines

he shatters

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The future is a sparkle
a firework feeling in my hands
that billows out and expands
to flash multicolored wants
       while crackling needs
I hope it blows our minds
    exploding blissfully
before our eyes
painting the sky with
our names in starry white;
Innocence revisited,
awakened by possibility

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please tune in


we all have waves;
waves move at C:
the constant speed of light.
it is just the frequency that tricks
the stupid human brain into
understanding anything else.
we are emitting beauty
at light speed.

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Quatrains For Utah


Take me to salt
Heal my body
Heal my fault
Forever flawed
Without fire
Within honey
Without liars
Feeling smooth
Glistening blue
Mellow blues
Tranquil tunes
Soft and cold
Country sunset
Mountain crest
Forever wild
Miles n’ miles
Mountain town
Four children
Scream aloud
No romantics
Just lessons
Cheap cover
Does it again

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old women
sweep the steps
so gingerly
as if heaven spilled spice


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Little River BandLady

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You’ve taught me sin


I covet your touch,
like the sea,
pulled by the thrill,
caught by the mischief,
of the moon’s twinkling grin.

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the petal soft pages
of her honeysuckle skin
wondrous stories to behold

Azuki Lynn


her hips pump against
soft pillows

her dreams
come fast, and hard

Azuki Lynn

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Word of the Moment

CHRISM n pl. –S

a consecrated oil used for anointment in Greek and Latin churches

Use the word link for more details.

Valid Scrabble word? Yes



your path traces a circle, imperfect
and i follow your shadow until
I cannot see anymore

people told me you would disappear
but i couldn’t find it within
myself to believe you would until
you did

cold nights pass and i cannot forget 
the memory of your smoke trail withering
into the dark wet air

we are traveling in concentric circles and i
shake the rain drops out 
of my eyes and i wait for the night
to rise.

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Jaguar Moon

From her dark side
She waits to pounce

Pelt freckled with starlight
Her playful tail swishing

I step into the night
Silently wishing

That I am her

Azuki Lynn