Writers on Tumblr beware!

Your removal of the post is meaningless at this point as I have no way to remove your link from the existing reblogs. You really are a piece of work aren’t you? You are what sours what has mostly been a good experience for me on Tumblr. You and all like you. Self-righteous, unoriginal, pitiful, and just plain pathetic really.

See how you reformatted my sig to remove the italics? See how the VIA link now leads directly to YOUR blog? THAT’S what’s wrong! I would never in a million years want YOUR LINK attached to MY WORK in this manner, you obtuse, obnoxious, self-righteous twit!


This blogger openly admits to stripping what she calls “additional links”, which are SOURCE LINKS from her reblogs of writing posts!

We all walk
on crooked feet –
Still, we find our way.
Azuki Lynn (via aestheticintrovert)

I see you altered your reblog of my CROOKED FEET quote post. The link was altered and my signature line is no longer italicized. FIX post or delete it from your blog. And you know what? Do NOT reblog my work again!

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It appears you do this with all of your quote / writing reblogs. Do you realize now that YOUR link is now attached as a source for MY work. My ORIGINAL work on many reblogs now? Do you realize how wrong and uncool this is? You need to stop doing this or get the hell off Tumblr! Do NOT even think of reblogging my work again!

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Micro Quartet

bloody red valentine /
maraschino heartbeat

tickled toothless tabby /
extra brave mice

randomly rhyming rogue /
devilishly debonair

twinkling teardrops /
melancholy stars

Collaborative micropoems by FlakeyBakey and Azuki Lynn.

My lines are the ones in italics.

So much fun F! Thank you!




I am not the bee,
I am the flower.

Since I am a flower,
I will be a rose.

My rosy petals are soft
The bee wants to be inside

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I am not the bee,
I am the flower.

The Sound of Safe

For Mom, with love, always.

Get inside
You stay here
I gotta close
Those windows
Put a towel under
That back door
A hive of bees
Has gone rogue
Don’t be afraid
It’s gonna be okay
Watch now
Here comes
The beekeeper
Isn’t that amazing?
He carries the queen
Inside a little box
So the bees fly
Right over to him
No stinging
Just a lot of buzz
He will walk them
Back to his farm
So they can build
A new hive
And make their
Sweet honey again

Azuki Lynn

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Random Playlist

Song title poetry

Kitchen dancing
On a lonely Sunday
I’m going The Distance

Azuki Lynn



Home is my mother
in our kitchen;
the way soft light
hits tired eyes.
She hums
an almost lullaby,
while making dishes
that taste
like childhood.

I think in English now
but deep sadness
still sings to me
in my mother’s voice.
Comfort is the warmth
of ginger & rice soup.
The monosyllabic
harmonics, of wind
through bamboo.

—T.C. (2014)

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creamy eggs for breakfast /
bunnies hide their ears

Little Hunter

Grass blades part
Tiny feet scurry and hop
Kitty is outside!

Azuki Lynn