God Fucking Damn It

Does ANYTHING matter?

No. Reblogs. Please.

I am about a hair’s breadth away from deleting this fucking blog.

When a longtime follower reblogs a personal post, one tagged “no reblogs please”, not once, but on other occasions as well, it is BEYOND frustrating!

Listen up theteapixie — I need you to check your messages. I need you to delete my personal post from your blog so I can then delete it from mine as well and not worry about it getting further circulated. This is RIDICULOUS.

Very upset. At my wit’s end.

Life is hard enough without having to deal with this kind of bullshit on Tumblr.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Dear theteapixie

Please delete your reblog of my personal post of the Wekiwa Springs photos. I have it tagged no reblogs.

Thank you,


Played 1,739 times

Crosby, Stills, & Nash

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Click here for the lyrics.

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she’s all like

go away
fuck me
go away
fuck me
go away
fuck me
go (the [fuck]) away [me]

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winding down


this time
of the day
a soft sacred sigh
honey silk christens evening skies


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rides the beer can
to safety

Honey drips
on the heads
of dolphins
swum inshore
to beg for tips

the lens retracts
as the Polaroid
slides into the sea

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No reblogs please!

Some photos from an impromptu trip to Wekiwa Springs State Park yesterday.

That’s me there in the middle and on the left in the photo with my gal.

It was a gorgeous day and one we both very much needed.


Nothing sounds right, nothing cuts through
the numbness of the slumbering writer in me.
I’m waiting for her to wake up
but she ignores all sounds,
hits snooze on the alarm
and turns away again.
I miss her - and I tell her so -
but she won’t so much as mumble in her sleep.
I hope she’s having some spectacular dreams.

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He smells like rain


Fresh starts and clean slates
to be grounded
with a touch of excitement
lips tracing spines
fingers whispering secrets
into soft hips and thighs

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The Human Void


it is the empty space
in all those carbon atoms,
the distance between electrons,
the vast interior universe
of the human being,
so void of stars
that we are compelled
to fill it
with yearning.

© Jude Dippold, 2014

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Pull Over

glistening darkly
entrails on pavement
purple flowers in the wind
sneakers hanging from a wire

the sky is too big for me
everything is a poem
and i just can’t
stop crying

Azuki Lynn

time in new york


black gold. yellow cab.
she rides in beauty through
the (w)hole of my head

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As morning breaks
clouds dance across
the incandescent sky
her petticoat strokes
shades of pink and white
across the gray canvas
(even on the darkest days)
a lover to many, but
today, she is my muse

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