Boardwalk Shuffle

Mole skinks
Dart swiftly
Surviving the trip
Between sandals & wooden planks

Azuki Lynn

Before the Fall

I am a dry
Leaf withering

No more greening
No more growing

Cracked and parched
No juices flowing

All used up —

I am ready
To enter the wind

Azuki Lynn

Three AM


Not forlorn really
Not melancholy
No single word can describe the
distant whistle of a train in the
stillness of the night
Nor can any word capture how
our eyes find each other at the
moment of its passing
The pure delight in our voices
when we say, in unison:
I just love that sound, don’t you?

Azuki Lynn

you think you’re tough, but..


there’s softness,
in the curves.. try
to hide..
the arch,
of your brow,
and your sneaky,
funny smile..
you thought
I spoke
of other curves..
and, you’re right..
..I do..
I adore every
quirky slope,
and bend,
of you..

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you’re like

falling in love
on a monday,

boston on a 
sunny morning,

cold beer on a
summer night

and i feel
like flying

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You are never alone
in my heart of a home

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Tracing runes of adoration
across the landscape of my spine,
you have me hypnotised

The way you say my name
feels like a lullaby, like coming
home, the softness of a sigh

—T.C. (2014)

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Dark night of longing
Drip over my body..

You are a moon-song dancing
Between honeyed lips

Played between the stars
as comets frolic in verse

You are a string of beads
Across my lonely hips

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Dark night of longing
Drip over my body..

You are a moon-song dancing
Between honeyed lips..

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your smile always
sent a tranquilizer
into my bloodstream,

without it,
my heart is
silently screaming

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lavender /


Mama the sun is shining
on a different shore,
the sky is tired
of being strong.
It is breaking open
like time-worn novels,
telling a story
of tears and tragedy,
of loss and fallen stars.

There are cracks in the concrete
and tears in the seams of my soul,
my ribs are not strong enough
to keep my heart together.

The ghosts in my lungs
are too heavy, mama.
I am drowning in the silence.

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